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Oil Cooler, Part III

The oil cooler is in, the pieces are all reattached and… there’s no more massive puddles of oil!  Oh, sure, it still leaks a couple drops here and there, but that’s normal; I can live with a couple drops.  I leaned out the mixture a bit too and that got rid of my backfire.

Now I need to solve the next issue: why I can’t accelerate past 55.  I advanced the timing a little and that helped, but something tells me I need to re-gap the points and/or install new points.  I can’t say why I think it’s the points, I don’t have any solid reasoning to claim the points as the culprit, but I just have a feeling about it.

Well, that’s Saturday’s project, I guess.

Oil Cooler, Part II

I managed to finagle things apart enough to get to the oil cooler.  Here’s the old one, note the lovely puddle of clean oil on the bottom of it; folks, I think our suspicions were true.20150825_130535

And behind that leaky old thing, lots of parts soaked in fresh oil:20150825_131803

Long live the new oil cooler!


Unfortunately it started to rain before I got everything back together, so still no official results.  Still to reattach: driver’s side exhaust header, 3 rear-most pieces of cooling tin, oil filler neck, alternator light connection, alternator ‘sense’ wire, secondary electrical system bypass connection, alternator positive to battery side post (aka positive battery cable), ground connection to battery (aka negative battery cable), coil, engine compartment seal.

To be continued…

Oil Cooler, Part I

So, I’m still leaking massive amounts of oil.  The Book has a perfect description of my leak on p. 90 and it says it’s the oil cooler, so I guess I get to replace the oil cooler again.  FedEx dropped off the new one this morning.

The Book also says that you can’t change the oil cooler on the Type IV with the engine in, but I’ve done it a couple times before so I know that’s not true.  Maybe they’re talking about the actual Type IV car — Squareback, Fastback, Notchback — instead of the Type IV engine?

Ah well, here I go, updates later!