Blissfest, Day 0

So I’m really excited that I get to go to Blissfest this year.  I had to pull a lot of strings to get the weekend off, but I managed to pull it off! First, though, I need to recap the last couple of weeks.

I went to Mom & Dad’s for “Father’s Day” even though I didn’t actually go until the Wednesday after, but they say it’s the thought that counts, right?  The Bus and I almost made it too!

I’d had a minor electrical issue, identical to the one last September, a week prior when I went to visit Tess and Rita.  I lost all power about a mile from their house, so I jumped out, grabbed the very same wire and binder clip I’d used on Da’ Bridge and hot-wired the coil to get the last mile to their house (and also back home).  When I got home I checked fuse #11 and it looked fine, so I jiggled the wires under the dashboard and it suddenly started working. I figured I shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth…

So I was a quarter mile from Mom & Dad’s when, suddenly, I lost all power (again).  Frantically, I reached under the dashboard and pulled on the ignition wire.  Varoom! It takes off again… until I let go of the wire.  So I drove the last quarter mile with my left hand under the dashboard, steering and shifting with my right hand.

That was all on a Wednesday and it took me all day Thursday (including removing and reinstalling the fuse box TWICE) to figure out that Fuse #11, although not blown, was twisted and a little misshapen.  Due to the unfortunate design of the GBC fuse, that slight twist caused the fuse to lose contact every so often.  Pulling on the wire would clamp down just enough on the fuse holder to make it contact and work.  Anyway, Dad and I went out for lunch on Friday, and it was nice to just sit and chat for a while.

Last Sunday (July 3rd) was the (in)famous Baroda Fireworks, and it turned out to be quite a trip.

I was supposed to take one of my Southeast Michigan friends with me; his Fourth of July plans had fallen through and so I invited him along. Let me just mention that he moved recently and I still don’t know his new address.  I’d been texting him for a couple days to try and get his address so I’d know where to pick him up, but I got absolute no response. Sunday, just as I was getting ready to leave, I called him and got his voicemail.
I. was. pissed!
What’s worse is that I was pissed off and had a four hour drive to stew over it.

I headed off, pissed off and angry, and I didn’t like it, it didn’t feel good to be angry, so, I decided to try to let it go. It took some effort to do that, the feeling of being ignored kept popping up in my mind and getting me all upset again, but the magic of The Bus came to my rescue.

Some days nobody notices The Bus, but other days EVERYBODY notices The Bus. I was feeling a lot better by the 3rd or 4th thumbs up and/or peace sign that was flashed my way.  Was I still upset a bit? Sure, but I wasn’t going to let it ruin the Baroda Fireworks for me. I think, just maybe, there’s a lesson there.

The next day, after getting out of bed at noon, I got a text from my brother: “hey, do you want to meet up for a cold one?”  I replied that I thought it’d be nice to get a quick one before I headed back home.  Due to circumstances beyond my control I didn’t even arrive at The Livery until about 6:30.  Then one beer turned into two, and two turned into “wanna’ split one?” and when all was said and done I didn’t leave for home until around 9:30!  Well, it’s around a 4-hour drive, so I went.

The drive was nice, it was cool out, there was literally no traffic, and I got to see some fireworks along the way (including what was clearly the Grand Finale in Homer). Was it dumb to stay out that late anddrive home in the dark? Yes, absolutely! But it was what I had to do. That conversation with my brother was inspiring and worth every second of sleep I gave up!

So now here I am in Mio. I decided that since I had the time I’d leave for Blissfest a day early and stop over in Mio for the night.  That turned out to be a great decision because, although I’d planned to leave home today at Noon, I didn’t actually leave until 3:00 (oops!).  Since I wasn’t in a huge hurry,though, that was okay and I didn’t get stressed out about it. By the time I got to Mio at 8:00 I still had plenty of daylight to register my campsite, set up camp, use the loo, and take a walk around the campground.  It was raining when I arrived and has been raining on and off since, so no campfire tonight.  It’s gently raining right now as I write this by the flashlight.

It’s about two hours from here to Blissfest, and since I’m only spending one night I didn’t unpack anything.  In the morning I’ll get breakfast (and coffee!) at the Paddle Inn in Mio, stop at the Mio Family Fare for some last minute supplies, and head off toward Bliss.

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Continued… here.

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