Blissfest, Day 2 — Recap

I hit up the main stage yesterday. I don’t usually spend a lot of Bliss Time at main stage, but I needed to see this guy.  Peter Yarrow, of Peter, Paul, and Mary fame took the stage yesterday.  What a beautiful soul!

Peter played some Peter, Paul, and Mary songs, but also payed tribute to Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan, and Woody Guthrie.   The most emotional part of the show was when Peter invited all the kids on stage (which probably amounted to over 100 kids) to sing “Puff the Magic Dragon.” I, and a thousand other people, were moved to tears by the loving, thoughtful spirit of this man.  I’m choking back tears as I write this.

I nearly fell asleep at the Michigan Stage last night, despite the loud music in front of me.  I fought it for a while but my instincts led me back to camp.  I debated going to bed (it was only 12:30!!), but while I was debating I heard music — real, live, unplugged, acoustic music — and it drew me in!

I followed the music (and my heart) to the Plucker’s Paradise host camp.  There were a couple fiddles, a banjo, a flute or two, a keyboard, an accordion, and lots of guitars.  We jammed until 3:00AM, and once the music took hold of me I wasn’t tired anymore.  It took me a good 30 minutes to get warmed up and wrap my head around “jam mode.”  I haven’t jammed with people in so long that my skills — keys and chords, watching others for the changes, and just letting loose — needed to be woken up again; that part of my brain needs exercise.

After we closed down Plucker’s Paradise at 3:00AM, I wandered out to the Back Forty and found the Happy Campers.  I finally found them!!  I went looking for them on Friday but never found them, I found the Michigan Stage instead.  Unfortunately, The Happy Campers were just wrapping up when I got there.  We played three or four songs before everybody packed it in for the night.

Two of us stayed for a while, myself and a guy named Lee.  We wound up talking, or rather Lee talked and I listened.  He had some things he needed to get off his chest; he told me about his son, and that he’s worried is son is messing around with drugs.  He told me about his ex-wife and all sorts of other things.  Seemed to me that he just needed to talk, and thankfully I’m a pretty good listener.  I don’t think we fixed anything last night, but I hope Lee’s shoulders felt a little lighter after sharing his burdens.

And now for something completely different.  While I was writing this someone came up and was enjoying the chalk drawings the kids drew on The Bus.  I offered her some chalk and she drew this bat.

And here’s some of the stuff the kids drew:
20160710_143959 20160710_144021

Continued… here.

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