My kingdom for a screwdriver!

Stuck (and frustrated) on a piece of sheet metal.  The cooling tin that is on the under side of the head is stuck; there’s one screw that holds it to the bottom of the head and two screws that hold it to the engine block.  The screw on the bottom of the head is totally stripped out (d’oh!), and the two on the engine block are so tight I can’t move them!

Taking a break to charge my drill battery so I can (hopefully) get the screw out from the bottom of the head.

One thought on “My kingdom for a screwdriver!

  1. The shirt looks a little worse for wear than the last time I saw it but not much. Glad your making progress. Think you need a new pair of shorts? Tried to leave a comment before but I guess I did something wrong…..hope this one takes.

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