Blissfest Day 1 — Recap

I made it to Blissfest yesterday, but it was quite the trip!  I drove through a wicked rain and hail storm. I had to slow down and at one point I pulled over and shoved a towel between the driver’s seat and the door to keep my butt dry.

It took 90 minutes to get into the gate and once I got in I almost got stuck in the mud out in the Back Forty.  Here’s the line of cars from my spot in line to the corner, there was another mile and a half from that corner to the main gate.

I managed to make it to our campsite at the lower corner of Plucker’s Paradise and got The Bus parked just in time for the next downpour.  Once the rain died down I decided to take a very muddy walk.  After some debate I decided to go barefoot.

It’s kind of nice to be barefoot, especially with the mud.  I feel closer to the earth, rather than rejecting the mud, the literal earth, I’m just embracing it. It cools my feet which cools my whole body, the mud, the earth, is providing for me, why do I reject it?

Last night was fantastic! I went for a nighttime walk in the woods and wound up at the Song Tree. I met Mark (with an M) and we wound up doing a little jamming around the tree.

After our jam I wandered off and got lost, as one does in the woods at night.  Somehow I wound up at the Michigan Stage where I caught the tail end of Kirby, Michelle C, and Kellerville before they closed the stage for the night.

I wandered back to camp and sacked out for the night at around 2:00AM.  I fell asleep to the sound of live, real music all around, it was beautiful.

Continued… here.

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