Oil leak

On Thursday I pulled the Bus into the backyard and popped the driver’s side valve cover off.  There was oil all over that fancy, expensive silicone gasket!  Well, I can’t keep going through a quart of oil every 100 miles, so I had to try something!

I grabbed one of my new, old fashioned, cork gaskets, went to El Zone Del Auto, and got a tube of Permatex.  So I layered Valve Cover – Permatex – Gasket – Permatex – Head.  I put it back together and have given it about 96 hours to get to know itself (the tube of Permatex says 12 hours, but I figured more might be better) before I fire it up to test it out.  I’m about to go do that now; more news later.

One thought on “Oil leak

  1. I had that same problem with my booger. The expensive gasket wouldn’t hold up and would split. After 3 of them, I wised up and went to the route which my dad referred to as “rigging”.
    LOL it worked though still to this day!

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